Switching out your wardrobe as the seasons change comes as an expected transition because you’re catering to what your body needs – ultimately more or less warmth. It should be the same scenario when it comes to caring for your skin from summer to winter. Although it’s not as simple because your skin’s needs vary, you shouldn't stop your routine altogether but merely adjust it. Here are some tips to keep that natural, radiant glow throughout the colder months.

Moisturise Regularly 

The colder climate can tend to dry out the skin, leaving it potentially itchy, irritated and uncomfortable. Make the most of your favourite serums, oils and moisturising creams by applying them regularly throughout the day and before you sleep. Don’t forget about your lips either – prevent chapped lips by using a natural balm. 

Stay Hydrated

Beauty starts from the inside, which is why it’s so important to drink plenty of water throughout your day. It’s easier to drink water during summer because of the heat, but that doesn’t mean your intake should lessen when the temperature cools. Your skin depends on water to stay hydrated and maintain elasticity, so be sure to keep your water bottle close by at all times. 

Don’t Ditch The Sunscreen

 Sunscreen isn’t just for beach trips and summer getaways. The sun’s harmful rays are out during winter too and you want to keep your skin protected all year round. Opt for a sunscreen with a formula that includes SPF 30 or more, and lather it on every few hours from the beginning of the day or more as you usually would if you’re spending time outdoors. 

Wear Your Sunglasses 

In the same way you shouldn’t stop using sunscreen during winter, you shouldn’t pack away your sunglasses either. Not only do sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun, they also care for your skin by preventing you from squinting in bright places and causing premature wrinkles.  

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