About Us

First. Let’s talk about YOU

Balancing life between family, love, friends and a busy schedule is something to be proud of. And if you can do it all while having a sense of fashion that expresses what makes you undeniably you, well, what a wonderful way to live.


Locello is about exactly that – living life beautifully without attaching a hefty price tag. We want you to enjoy the look and feel of high-quality sunglasses that combine classic aesthetics and modern touches while offering 100% UV protection and reduced glare with polarised lenses.


Let’s talk about US

At Locello, we produce a timeless collection of sunglasses with affordability as a priority – not because our quality is compromised, but because we believe every woman should have access to elegant, durable eyewear.


We are an Australian-owned brand who is inspired by you. Our sunglasses are designed locally and in-house by a team of fashion experts who understand the modern-day woman.


Let’s talk about SUNGLASSES

The Locello range includes square and rectangular frames, round and oval shades, oversize styles, aviators and cat eye sunglasses. Our designs are classic in shape with contemporary, refined twists in colour palettes, materials and finishes.


All Locello lenses feature our signature gradient tint that’s polarised to reduce glare while adding a softer look to high-protection sunglasses. Our lenses are engineered to eliminate squinting and straining due to harsh sun rays, leaving you free from fatigue and headaches.


When you purchase a pair of Locello sunglasses, you purchase lenses that are:

    • Category 3 with 100% UV protection
    • Lightweight, durable and have maximum clarity
    • Covered under 12 months of warranty
    • Inclusive of a protective case and cleaning cloth as a standard


Enjoy the Locello difference and embrace beauty, protection and convenience all in one pair of sunglasses. Locello sunglasses.